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Changes are apparently coming to the FastPass+ Tiers at Hollywood Studios beginning August 29th, which is not coincidentally the same day that Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge opens. While 99.9% of us are unable to book FastPass+ for dates that far in the future, certain Club Level guests have the opportunity to pay for 90-day FastPass+ booking. Those guests are seeing the above, which moves Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster and Tower of Terror into Tier 1. That means most guests will only be able to book FastPass+ for one of these rides in advance of their visit. Up to two additional selections may be booked in advance from Tier 2, which includes the shows and Star Tours.

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black Sneakers MRL247, Balance New shoes brown brown black red 187efgcum31145-Men's Athletic Shoes

It’s about 10:20am and I still have all three of my pre-booked FastPass+ experiences in my pocket. Or around my wrist. Or on my phone. Or in the cloud. Or whatever. We’re continuing from shoes Handball Mizuno Wave Stealth VM x1ga180047, where I bounced around DinoLand and experienced all three of the rides there without much trouble.

Here’s a look at wait times across all attractions that post one on this particular day. I’ve highlighted 10:30am since that’s about where we are:

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At this point in the morning, wait times are already prohibitive or are about to become prohibitive at most attractions and I have two basic options that don’t include heading straight for Nomad Lounge: I can either begin using my FastPass+ experiences that I’ve already booked or I could move on to shows and other high-capacity attractions, saving my FastPass+ for later. There isn’t necessarily a clear advantage to either strategy.

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black Sneakers MRL247, Balance New shoes brown brown black red 187efgcum31145-Men's Athletic Shoes

We started things off in Part 1, where we took a look at how early you’ll need to arrive and what you’ll need to do in order to experience Avatar – Flight of Passage with a short wait at rope drop. With an average wait that still exceeds two hours, an early arrival is of paramount importance if you’re starting the day with what remains Walt Disney World’s most popular attraction. shoes Kappa Dolser 2 MD Grey Dk 302GEN0 900 High Man Sport Mode Fashion largely focused on our touring strategies for the rest of the day. After blazing through Flight of Passage and Na’vi River Journey, how do we stay ahead of the crowds for as long as possible? We also delved deeper into how Disney updates the operating hours of its theme parks and how we might be able to key in on days with 8am opens and what benefit those days with longer operating hours might hold.

We pick things up at 9:20am on the morning of Friday, May 24th, 2019.

So far, this is what I’ve accomplished:

  1. Flight of Passage: 7:35am – 8:05am
  2. Na’vi River Journey: 8:06am – 8:19am
  3. Na’vi River Journey: 8:20am – 8:35am
  4. Kilimanjaro Safaris: 8:46am – 9:16am

With a 9am open, I’d probably need to skip the second ride on Na’vi River Journey in order to stay ahead of the crowds, given the fact that far more people would be inside the Park. I’d probably also wait about 15 minutes for Kilimanjaro Safaris instead of zero minutes. We’ll return in the future for a 9am open and follow a similar touring plan to see how that goes. For past coverage, see how easy it is to rope drop Na’vi River Journey with a 9am open shoes LACOSTE Man blue Fabric,PU 734CAM0073-NB0S. And here’s a look at rope dropping Flight of Passage with a 9am open.

Back to the day at hand, I stopped to check in on the otters at their Grotto. I can confirm that they were merry.

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We pick things up on the morning of Friday, May 24th, 2019, at 8:40am. In Part One, I covered what to expect from rope drop as we headed straight for the Flight of Passage standby line. After that, I rode Na’vi River Journey twice in standby. If I had skipped the second ride on River Journey, I’d be about 15 minutes ahead of where I am now, but I elected to ride again to show how much later into the morning actual River Journey waits remained short. Since the point of these posts is not to show off how much you can accomplish if you run from place to place, the extra 15 minutes that I spent suffering through River Journey a second time could also be attributed to your own picture-taking, snack-accumulating, or bathroom-break-taking. You may also arrive at Flight of Passage a little later than I did, pushing back your morning timing. Considering cast began walking us towards the Pandora attractions beginning at 7:35am, a little more than an hour has passed since we got going. With an arrival an hour before the Park officially opens, you shouldn’t have much trouble experiencing both Pandora rides by this point in the morning.

The 8am opens are a real pleasure as they greatly reduce the number of people that you’ll see during the first hour of operation, compared to a regular 9am open. It’s 8:40am and you can see how few people are heading for Pandora. Granted, the posted wait for Flight of Passage is already 120+ minutes with an actual wait that’s probably now coming in around there. But the lack of crowds should bode well for our next couple of stops, each of which will be a much lower priority than the Avatar rides.

Unlike Magic Kingdom, where we don’t currently see any regular 8am opens in June, we enjoy a number of them at Animal Kingdom during the same month. Here’s a look at the calendar with the regular 8am opens highlighted in green:

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We’re headed to Animal Kingdom on the morning of Friday, May 24th, 2019 to see about a regular 8am open.

It’s 6:51am, which means it’s about five minutes before bag check begins. Until that process gets underway, we’ll line up in front of one of the tables. Those without bags congregate in the middle.

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